Industrial tire waste solution tyre crushing machine plastic powder equipment
Industrial tire waste solution tyre crushing machine plastic powder equipment



Industrial tyre crushing machine

Tyre shredder is a specially designed crushing equipment for tyres with large volume, thickness and hardness. Can effectively tear rubber tires, oblique tires, radial tires, car tires. Tires can be torn through the pulverizer equipment, grinding into powder, reprocessing. Tyre shredder can directly crush any diameter less than 2000mm steel wire tyre, and do not need to do any preliminary treatment of the tyre, for the mouth ring steel wire can be directly broken. Greatly improve the production efficiency, but also save labor.

Tyre shredding machine adopts microcomputer (PC) automatic control, set up start, stop, inversion and overload automatic inversion control function, with low speed, large torque, low noise and other characteristics, bearing pedestal adopts fold-off type, easy to disassemble and change the knife is suitable for shredding large, especially thick refractory materials.

Advantages of tyre shredding machine after shredding:

1. Easy transportation of materials after shredding, which can effectively reduce transportation cost and increase transportation efficiency;

2. Materials are easy to be broken for secondary treatment after shredding;

3. Shred material is easier to store than metal, which can save a lot of warehouse space;

4, shred materials greatly facilitate the use and reprocessing.

Tyre shredder features:

1. Advanced technology, reasonable structure, strong power and high output.

2. The equipment has no noise in the working process and will not affect the surrounding residents.

3. The width and number of teeth of the internal blade can be adjusted according to the requirements of users on the quality of finished products.