Heavy duty cross cut paper shredder and baler
Heavy duty cross cut paper shredder and baler
PDS450 & SP99



Supu Heavy Duty Paper Shredder and Baler

SUPU PDS450 & SP99 Heavy duty Paper shredder and Baler,suitable for waste Paper,Document,Books,Banknotes,recycling and security destruction purpose,final particle size for 9mm* 40-80mm with 600 - 1200 kg/hr working capacity,Machine design with industrial level construction with discharge shredded paper baling solution.
PDS450 & SP99 contain high speed Shredding system with high strength H13 alloy blade,paper sorting table,feeding and discharge conveyor,high efficiency hydraulic baling system and smart control PLC system.   easy to process large paper shredding operation, it also saving the storage and transport cost.                
 Shredding result

Paper,document,file,books,banknote,CD,Card etc            
1. Two shaft shredding construction with speed control converyor
2. The frame is combinational structures, made from precision machined extra-thick sheet,slewing axis is forced, Lange-angle, hexagonal prism, , so good-sized material is practicable.
3. High level blade can easy to shred file with metal
4. PLC control system, forward and reverse operate and stop automatically can protect themachine when the materials is too big and much. Operate safely, low-speed running, lownoise, little dust.
5. With strong planetary gear box system to make the shredding power strong,improved the shredding effect.
6. High efficiency hydraulic baling system to process the paper particle to be paper bale,saving storage and transport cost.
Technical Date:                             
PDS450 & SP99
Crushable Materials
Shredder construction
 Two shaft shredder 
Blade construction
High speed cross cut blade
Shredding capacity 
300 - 500 sheet A4 paper with file
Shredding Particles
9mm * random or customized
Throughout per hour
600 - 1200 KG per hour 
Feeding width
450 mm
Power/ Voltage
17.6KW / 380V/ 50HZ
Bale size 
500(W) * 500(H) *  400 - 800 (L) mm
Machine size
6362(L) x4354(w) x 1900(H) mm