Primary Shredder for medium duty solid waste shredding with high throughput

Group Two Shaft Shredder
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2020-07-06
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Primary Shredders medium duty recycling machine for a wide of applications and industries purpose. 
Primary Shredders medium duty machine is one of the main shredding equipment with high production efficiciency for solid waste shredding. two shaft consturction are normally used first stage shredder for materials like truck tires, steel drums, organic waste, and MSW, With a two shaft shredder, once the materials is fed into the cutting chamber, the cutting blades with hooks will grab material and then shear it down to strips. 

The shreds are directly discharged after cutting without passing through a screen, so the size of shreds is quite random, custom blade widths can match your required sizing. Programmed Reveres rotation of the rotor shaft can prevent damages when overload. Both electrical and hydraulic drive systems available.

Things can be shared by Gator two shaft shredders:

*Paper - Documents, waste paper;

*Plastic- Reclaimed plastic, waste plastic;

*All types of tires— Car tires, van tires, truck tires, mining tires etc;

*Packing materials: Cardboard and woven sacks;

*Metal— scrap car, waste metal sheet, baled aluminum, metal drum etc.

*E-waste— WEEE waste, printers, refrigerator, cooper wire cable, printed circuit boards etc.

*Wood— Wood pallets, wood block, waste wood.

*Solid waste- MSW waste etc.

  • Advantages:
  • *Dual-shaft/dual-rotor design with differential shaft speeds
  • *Heavy duty internal gearbox
  • *Custom blade widths to match your required sizing
  • *High Alloy blades materials with optional hard-facing to increase cutting effectiveness
  • *Recirculation systems for multi-pass processing if needed to meet required size reduction
  • *Choice of drive system (hydraulic or electric)

The size of shreds is quite random, custom blade widths can match your required sizing