High Efficiency Paper banknote disintegrator with briquetting system
High Efficiency Paper banknote disintegrator with briquetting system
High Efficiency Paper banknote disintegrator with briquetting system
SPP600 Plus



SUPU SPP300 professional Paper Disintegrator and briquetting machine,suitable for waste Paper,Document,Books,Banknotes, recycling and data destruction purpose,final particle by customized size for 2*2mm-15*15mm with 60-120 kg/hr working capacity,SPP300 contain  high speed crushing system,dust collection system, smart control PLC system and briquetting press system to discharge the paper particle to be paper briquette,high security stand and save the storage space            

l  Paper/document shredder machine into powder

l  The higher the security requirements for the data destruction up to DIN 66399 P7

l  With magnetic iron separated system to remove the iron

l  Dust collector has the simple construction also can be used in a normal air volume range and dust cleaning is up to 99.9%,no secondary adsorption to the dust.

l  High Security level determinable through screen mesh diameter one machine satisfied with different shredded standard from 2*2mm to 15*15mm output particle

How to process

Feeding the paper into the feeding portpaper will shredded by the high speed crushing system to crush itfinal output particle will through the screen mesh into the briquetting system to discharge the briquetting cakedust collect system will process the high percentage dust and powder collection into the dust collect bin.

Technical Date:                             
Shredding Materials
Paper/Banknotes/ documents/ID card / Tape/ CD / Folder / Film/ PCB board
Security Level (DN 66399)
P-5 to P-7 
High speed crushing
After Shred size
2.5* 2.5mm – 15*15mm 
Throughout per hour
1) with shredding particle 2*2mm 60-80kg/hr     2)  with shredding particle 5*5mm more than 100 kg/hr
Shredding capacity per time for paper
Paper shredding capacity: 100sheets paper / Time 
briquetting size
70F* 20-50H mm
Filter area
2* filters, each filter 320(D) *600(H)mm
Power/ Voltage / Frequency
12.90 KW /( 3 phase, 380V/ 50HZ 
Machine Size 
4033.8L*2702.6W*2385 (H) mm