Smart Phone and SSD crushing machine
Smart Phone and SSD crushing machine
Smart Phone and SSD crushing machine
Smart Phone and SSD crushing machine



SUPU SSD200XS SSD and mobile phone shreddersuitable for mobile phoneSSDCDPCB and USB drive destructionworking capacity more than 180pcs SSD per hourfinal particle for 2*2-4*4mmsatisfied with DIN 66399 E5 standardSSD200XS contain triple steps shredding constructionautomatically feeding conveyordurable micro cut shredding blade and smart control PLC system to process high efficiency and safety operation.
SSD,Mobile, Memory chips, CD, DVD, ID CARD , credit card, SIM card                           

* Combo blades with 4mm and 2mm with three step shredding construction to meet any shredded result for smart phone and SSD destruction.

* Specifically designed for office environments with single phase power.

* Solid hardened steel blade it is able to shred the metal and its internal components including the data chips.

* Simply control screen with smart PLC system.

* Compliance with safety requirements of CE.

* Security switch, auto reverse and cut-off to avoid shredding jam, bin-full auto sensor, cabinet door open/closed sensor and dust proof closed housing.

Technical Date:                             
Crushable Materials
SSD, CD/DVD, ID card, credit card,mobile
Security Level (DIN 66399)
E-4 - E -5
Shredding Particles
2*2mm² - 4*4mm²
Bin capacity
Noise Level
65 - 80 DB
Throughout hard drive per hour
Feeding conveyor
Power/ Voltage
2.25KW / 230V or 380V/ 50HZ
Machine Weight
Machine size
800 * 670 * 1400mm