E-waste destruction hard drive hard disk and two shaft shredder for HDD and SSD with conveyor

Group Hard Drive Shredder
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2020-06-24
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High security data destruction server HDD and SSD shredder with output conveyor

HDD and SSD combo shredders are industrial shredders that are used for permanently destroying computer hard drives and SSD. A hard drive is the electronic memory storage center of a computer. This is where all of a computer’s program files and documents are stored.
Digitally stored information is difficult to delete; even after deleting files using a computer’s operating system, residual data remains unless it is overwritten or if the drive is physically destroyed.                       

* Specifically designed for office environments.

* Solid hardened steel knife it is able to shred the hard drive and its internal components including the data disk.

* Simply pushing a button.

* Compliance with safety requirements of CE.

*Security switch, auto reverse and cut-off to avoid shredding jam, bin-full auto sensor, cabinet door open/closed sensor and dust proof closed housing.

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Though shredded hard drives would be difficult to reuse, some of the materials left over can be recycled once shredded. 

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