Industrial waste cardboard box and paper core shredder

Group Two Shaft Shredder
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2020-06-24
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High efficiency cardboard box and paper core shredder
The volume of paper or cardboard that larger box plants use is immense. Every day tons of heavy paper reels are processed. With each processed reel remains a core that has to be recycled. This can present board plans with a real headache and added expense.
Such cores are a special challenge for the downstream recycling process. Without any particular pre-treatment, they can damage traditional conveyor belts and balers. This damage can mean a plant’s own waste treatment plant is down for days, resulting in heavy repair and lost time costs. Because of this risk to machinery, cores are often separated out and often disposed of at a fee.

Gator offers a new and improved solution. Instead of risking machinery and efficient, or paying additional fees foroutsourced recycling options.


Specially used for shredding waste cardboard, paper, box and paper core etc

Technical Date:  
Maximum Cardboard Feeding Width
Maximum Paper Core Diameter
Maximum Paper Core Thickness
Maximum Cardboard Thickness 
Blade Shaft Rolling Speed
480 r /min
Main Motor Power (KW)
18.5 KW
Shredding Capacity
1000-2000 KG/hr 
Machine Weight (KG)
2800 KG
Machine Size
2130 (L)* 1630 (W) * 1849 (H) mm

The size of shreds is quite random, custom blade widths can match your required sizing