High Security Paper Disintegrator
High Security Paper Disintegrator



High Security Paper Disintegrator

The ideal heavy duty paper disintegrators are designed for high volume media destruction, offering a highly efficient method of destroying a variety of objects and devices. These powerful paper disintegrators will destroy just about anything, including paper, CD's, key tape, ID cards, video tapes, floppy discs.
Technical Data:                         

* Paper shredder machine into powder
*The higher the security requirements for the data destruction
*The smaller the particles the material must be shredded into 
*Dust collector has the simple construction also can be used in a normal air volume range and dust cleaning is up to 99.9%,no secondary adsorption to the dust.
*High Security level determinable through screen mesh diameter; DIN levels 3 to 7.
*Using durable gear motor which can reach max speed of 13.2meters per minute, and also can continuously working for 24 hours

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