Confidential DATA destruction

Confidential DATA destruction


Professional confidential destruction solution supplier

Confidential DATA destruction
Confidential DATA destruction

Some business secret carrier of the enterprise itself, the internal data is currently in a nobody tube, no pin, produced a large number of commercial secrets, the backlog of internal data storage, part of the enterprise staff, because of the secrecy consciousness, dispose the commercial secret, internal information, and even sold to vendors, and the leaks serious hidden trouble.


Of client confidentiality information carrier for safe, professional, and disposal of paper files destroyed specifications meet DIN 66399 level national center for destruction of standards, to ensure the safety of the customer information is absolutely not the leaks. .


1. Enterprises need to prevent information leakage

1) what if there are more and more files?

2) expired information can not be thrown away, dare not to sell at will, put and take up space

3) more and more office financial information, contract information, customer information, paper, CD, hard disk, memory card

4) no equipment is available, what kind of equipment can ensure the complete destruction of information?


2. Professional is safe

1) what kind of equipment is qualified? Complies with national/European/American confidentiality standards and has passed the confidentiality testsuch as Gator Hard drive shredder, HDD and SSD combo shredder and E-media crusher are satisfied with this confidentiality standard to destroy the hard driveCD, SSD and tape to be high level data destruction.

2) are the general shredders in the market qualified? General shredder does not have the standard of confidential destruction, the size after shredding can only be suitable for the destruction of ordinary documents, but for confidential documents, related to the media, must be shredded to irretrievable size by our high security paper shredder and paper disintegrator

3) how to destroy hard disk, U disk, chip and CD? Speed up the hard disk crusher can tear the hard disk to the size of 2mm or less, hard disk can not recover data, CD and chips disintegrator can crush the chip, U disk to 0.12mm powder, absolutely high life,


3. Professional confidential destruction solution supplier